Website Conversions

Website conversions are typically 1-4%. We offer price analysis and market analysis to help clients improve their conversion rates.

Price Analysis

We provide via dashboard options to understand market prices. These include graphical analysis, download file options, online grids, and statistical analysis.

Statistical Analysis

The dashboard has a statistical analysis tool which displays the client prices against the market prices, eg showing the best prices and which prices are above average. This tool will quickly allow clients to see what pricing is market based and this will factor into conversions.


The dashboard allows all the data options to be analysed and it is the basis of the analysis for clients.

Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are low on websites, typically 1-4% and they are very suspectible to market factors. Converting from 1 to 4% actually means increasing sales by x4. If a client sells a 100K a month, then a new conversion rate could be 400K. If the profit margin is 10% (for example) then the increased profit could be tens of thousands of pounds. Hence conversion rates and analysis would matter.

Product Listings

Part of understanding conversion rates is to understand what is being listed (ie not just price). The product listings tools enable clients to see the breath of data available and what could be sold. Hence the consumer buying from the client could get a far wider choice. We provide the tools to allow clients to see what products are being sold.


There is nothing worse than paying for visitors who do not convert. If a client pays 2 pounds a click on PPC and gets 100 visitors, then the client needs to make 200 pounds just to break even on the sales generated. If the conversion rate is just 1% then one sale needs to generate 200 pounds in profit. To understand these basic principles is vital and our data can help.

Price Analysis

We offer price analysis.

Product Analysis

We offer product analysis.


Wwe provide a comprehensive dashboard.