Graphical Analysis

We provide extensive graphics via our dashboard. The dashboard presentation is similar to the one offered by companies such as Tableau and RJ Metrics. We offer graphic options so the client can see pie charts, bar charts, scatter diagrams. These diagrams present KPIs to the client so the client can improve their business.

Competition Analysis

We list how the client's prices compare to competition in terms of actual products sold and pricing.

Price Analysis

We compare the actual products sold by a client and list only those products which are sold on a comparison basis. For example, if the entire catalogue had 1000 products and the client sold 100 of them only, we show how only those 100 products compare.

Scatter Diagrams

We present a scatter chart showing how prices deviate from the best prices (market prices). This is a quick and easy way to see outliers and any prices which could be errors on the client database.

Pie Charts

The pie charts shows how the market is divided up into segments based on pricing. This is a quick way to see a dominant retailer.


The system is operated via a dashboard which allows easy access to the graphs.


Clients register key brands and they get graphics according to their own interests.


Graphics quickly show market dominance.


Graphics quickly show errors in prices and pricing trends.


Graphics shows the scope of product prices quickly.