Cleaning Data

We acquire unstructured data from web scraping and we then clean this data to make structured data.

Part Numbers

We take incorrect part numbers and find the correct part numbers. This allows products to be matched and compared.


We unravel complex pricing to a produce a simple pricing structure. Data can have one price for several products grouped up (eg a pedestal, basin, and taps) and we determine the correct product for the group and correctly match to other products.


We analyse data in different formats and then convert into one simple usuable format which is held in a relational database.


We interpret complex images so products may be matched.


We match products which have no part numbers and then we can match the products.

Automatic Systems

We use automatic systems to clean data.


We identify products automatically.


We store data in relational database management systems.

Big Data

We handle high data volumes using big data methods.