We offer an API to get the best price. This service is aimed a smaller sized clients. Many companies offer APIs to access their data, eg Facebook and Twitter. With API access, clients can access market data and they are charged for the data they use.

Program Access

API access is done via a computer program and the client would implement an API call in their own systems.


The API provides price data for a particular part number and brand.


Access is granted using the Internet and hence any device connected to the Internet can use our API based on a client agreement.

Compared to BI

The API service is a cutback service to the main BI data feeds. Large clients should use the data feeds from us.

API Limits

The terms of contract impose a limit for the number of API calls.

Use of the API

Clients would typically use our API in their own pricing systems to help their own website conversions.


Over the Internet.


As agreed.


To work out the best prices.